You will need:

A heat source and a thin piece of metal   (IE: a paperclip, poker, etc.)

1. Warm your V.I by drawing threw it with 1 full draw

2. After the V.I is warmed remove the mouthpiece and unscrew the battery.

3. First, clean the holes in the mouth piece by using a paperclip or other thin piece of metal to gently clean out the air passageways.  ( there are 2 seperate air passageways located on the outside of the mouthpiece, they would  normally be hidden inside the atomizer when fully assembled.)

4. Take the atomizer and hold it looking down into the chamber.

5. Carefully heat the tip of the metal until it is red hot with a lighter or other heat source.

6. Gently press the red hot metal against the inside of the atomizer. Do not pick, stab, or pull, just gently brush up and around the inside. You will notice a cloud as the excess oil vaporizes off. Repeat if necessary or until atomizer is close to oil free. (If possible  try to avoid hitting the element inside the atomizer cartridge)

7. Flip the atomizer over and reheat the metal. Slip in into, and out of, the hole. Once again do not pick, stab, or pull, just gently place it into the hole and pull it out again.

8. Reassemble your V.I

9. After reassembling, If there is residue on the outside of the unit, use a Q-tip that has been moistened with rubbing alcohol to carefully remove any residue.


Complete step-by-step Video coming soon!





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