V.I Instructions

  Studies have shown it is possible to vaporize component ingredients by heating botanicals to a temperature short of the point of combustion, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing harmful smoke toxins that are normally present in botanical smoke. Vaporizers produces active vapor at temperatures ranging from 230°F – 420°F. While eliminating many toxins, examples such as – benzene, a known carcinogen, plus toluene and naphthalene. Carbon monoxide and smoke tars are both qualitatively reduced by the vaporizer. There is good reason to believe that the highly carcinogenic tars known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are thought to be a leading culprit in smoking-related cancers, are suppressed, since they normally form at much higher temperatures of combustion. Welcome to the world of vapor!


RULE NUMBER ONE… PLEASE DO NOT POKE AT, PULL AT, TOUCH OR HARM YOUR ATOMIZER. Inside the piece which shows our logo on it you will find a metal housing. Please keep all objects away from this housing and try to not gob it with oil. There is plenty of room in the mouth piece for oils, wax and other full melts.




The Vapor Inhaler kit includes a battery, an atomizer cartridge and a USB charging cord. For optimal performance, we recommend fully charging the battery before first use. Insert the battery into the USB cord and turn clockwise until completely screwed in. Plug the USB cord into a compatible USB jack in your computer, car or wall charger. When successfully connected, the LED light on the USB cord will turn red to indicate “charging.” (The initial full charge may take as long as five hours.) After charging, disconnect the battery from the USB cord and screw it clockwise into the battery. Add your active agent to the atomizer cartridge BEING CAREFUL TO NEVER TOUCH THE ATOMIZER DIRECTLY WITH ACTIVE AGENT. When active agent in place plug mouth piece into atomizer cartridge and combine.




There is no “on” or “off” switch. To begin using, simply draw on the Vapor Inhaler just as you would a traditional tobacco-based smoking product. You will begin to taste the flavor of your active agent with your first draw. If you inhale completely, you will feel the warm vapor in your throat and will be less likely to see a vapor mist when you exhale. Inhaling to a lesser extent will allow more of the vapor mist to be visible on the exhale.




The Vapor Inhaler battery will last for approximately 300 to 600 puffs before recharging is required. Battery life depends on the intensity of each draw and varies by individual. When the battery power is low, the LED light will flash 8 times and repeat 3 times to signal it is ready to be recharged.




On average, each individual cartridge supplies enough nicotine and flavoring to accommodate approximately 300 puffs. When the cartridge no longer produces vapor, you’ll know it’s time for a replacement.



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